My Camera Gear Acquisition Roadmap

It’s been almost a year (literally) since I posted anything on here. Won’t lie, I have been lazy, busy and passive about it. I finally got married this year, February 15th. Yes, I am now a married man; the thought makes me jump on the highest cloud in the sky, and at the same time bury me in the depths of responsibilities even lower than the Mariana Trench!

Nevertheless, I have made my way back to WordPress to update readers with new happenings, share and express (and hopefully) discuss my photography and things related.

Like every photographer nerd out there I too have this crazy & unjustifiable want for the coolest and newest camera gear out there. Just that I didn’t admit it before and always tried to justify what I thought – was that I needed. However, I can’t hide or lie – I have GAS! 😀 lol

So I made a list of ALL the equipment I want to buy/have/be gifted (hopefully my wife reads 😉 ) From computer system to camera gear to lenses to accessories. Every item I have included/selected is out of LOTS of reading, reviewing, researching and picking only that that I absolutely want and any more than this would be – a lot.

Here goes the list :


  • iMac 27 5k  – I had to really juggle and try to convince myself that I didn’t need the Mac Pro and then the NEC PA30 monitor both totaling to around $6,000+ and instead get the iMac 27 5k for way almost 1/3rd the price!384905-desktopcomputers-apple-27inchimacwithretina5kdisplaymk472lla
  • Canon Pro-1000 – good thing I wasn’t able to buy the PRO-1 when I did. This is a better option. Reason why I don’t want to go with the Epson even though I would love a roller is because of head clogs and better customer support w/Canoncanon1
  • Epson V850Pro – Yes definitely want and need a reliable, trusted and quality scanner. Intend to get back into film, my Nikon F3 is just gathering dust and I feel so so bad looking at it 😥v850 
  • HDD Enclosure(s) – I already have 4 2TB ext HDD I use. 2 for storing and 2 for backup. Just need an enclosure that with encase all 4. (still looking for options… help me? 😦 )



  • Toyo-Field 45 AII – Always wanted to really feel the “old school” photography. This is basically going to be a landscape camera 90%. If and when I do have a studio, I might use it for portraits toyo
  • Pentax 645Z – It’s been so long dreaming and wanting and drooling over this camera, it’s more like a sinful pleasure to own it. More so because I know I will be shooting landscapes and personal projects with it. But then I think why do I need to spend $7,000 when I will or want to use the 4×5 camera on landscape… ugh! just too much! ( maybe I’ll save this is one for later… 😉 ) 06dcc9a875b270f87514b7df2d0e4812
  • Olympus OMD E-M1 mkII – Yep, I have the E-M1 and absolutely love the Olympus OMD system. The lenses are top notch with a very good price point as compared to other full frame lenses and also Sony FF lenses for their Α (alpha) series. Thinking I’ll sell my E-M1 and get a lens out of it??om-d_e-m1_still_black_mood_5
  • Nikon F3 – Already own this & love it. Want to start using it more & more… Been ignoring my baby for far too long! 😥 nikon_f3_angle


  • Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO
  • Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO12-40-1280-1
  • Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO w/Teleconverter
  • FA 645 120mm f/4.0 Macro000296039034
  • SMC Pentax-A 645 45-85mm F4.5   –
  • SMC A 645 35mm F/3.5d3s_4730-1200

Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm f4.5



Format-HiTech Filters + Polarizer Kit

Manfrotto Tripod MT190CXPRO4

MH804-3W 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head

Olympus FL 600R flash

Yep… that’s all folks! 😀



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A Different Kind Of Selfie

Ghost Sniper

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Alone… But Together!

Alone... But Together!

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Model Shoot … After a good 5 years!

It’s seems like a very long time since I used to work with models (or wanna-be models, if you will), and did it all too much, that it got boring and meaningless. So, I stopped, sold my camera equipment, and just recently I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of models while assisting a photographer friend.

I will be posting and sharing the final pics as I finish editing them. The E-M1 handled like a dream and I don’t know, I shouldn’t ask for more, but I did feel pixel envy watching my photographer friend use his D810 and 645Z .. 😛 lol

Anyway, more on that later, maybe a different post… enjoy the pics!

Leave a comment if you like the pics!! 🙂

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The New Outdoors… A Pleasant Surprise!

So recently I went to an unknown place with another photographer for an engagement shoot… A secret place he agreed to disclose! What a lovely place it sure was – Pescadero, California.

Took a few shots in the middle of assisting my photog. friend. Definitely will be going back there to spend some time alone and shoot more.

Hope you guys like the photos… 🙂

The Crocodile Man

Stepping Stone

Sunlight Leaves

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Purpose-Less Photography… Why Should I Shoot?!

Its something that has taken over me for the past year or two… the question “what’s the point of photography?” For a very very long time, I didn’t have a dslr, not even a decent point-n-shoot. All that I was using was my phone, and the kind of shots I took (or the type of photography I did), were snapshots of mostly impromptu moments that unfolded themselves. Yeah, the ever growing popularity of mobile photography overtook me too, and the world of app tweaking had no limits. The original was nothing more than a reference point and the final image depended on the social site the image was to land on. Thus is the nature of mobile photography – for the most!

So all this time, I watched cameras and gadgets come and go, drooling over them and setting my mind to buying it, and when it’s successor came, feeling wise that I had waited (as if I was able to buy it anyways). This was mostly because I didn’t have the $$$ and let me tell you, it’s VERY frustrating… to want something that you end up seeing it in your dreams, and not able to have it. Well that all changed when I bought the OMD E-M1. I thought I would shoot like crazy, and rough my camera, but it just sits there. Yeah I did make use of it, but not like I had thought I would. I don’t know, I guess I’ve lost my push, my hunger to shoot! To be honest, I am baffled. I think of shooting landscapes, and then I think – WHY?!

I have lost purpose, I don’t have that drive I used to have. I don’t find a need to shoot anything! If I am given an assignment, I’ll jump on it, but shooting for myself, has no meaning to me anymore. It’s sad, and I just don’t know how to deal with it 😦

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Muddy Woods

So this is one of the pictures I took while on my epic road trip from Birmingham, AL to San Jose, CA.

It was definitely a surprising experience, because all this time I thought that I needed an RV or at least a real big car to do something like this. However, my dad and I crossed the great USA in my small compact KIA Rio… without a glitch! Really impressed with the damn dinky! 🙂

The fun part was that I was getting a chance to work my Olympus E-M1 to the full (ok maybe not all the way but a lot 😛 lol). Just had one lens, the 12-40mm pro. Yeah, it’s much simpler having only one lens to deal with I guess? 🙂

Anyways, enjoy the shot & I hope you like it and do leave a comment! Many more to come… 😉

Muddy Woods

Edited with LightRoom 5 + SilverFX Pro 2

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So YAY! after a lot of sleepless nights pondering over whom I should give my hard-earned money to, to get their phone, I went with Samsung… with all the appeal and utilitarian advantages of their newly released phablet – the Note 4.

I had always hated the company when it came to their Galaxy lineup for a weird reason, that it was every Tom, Dick & Harry had a Galaxy phone, if not the iPhone! Just hated it… weird, odd, crazy call it what you may, but that’s what it was.

I was using the LG G2 for more than a year before I changed service providers (that itself is another cry) and getting the Note 4. My brother-in-law had bought the Note 3 last year and used it like a laptop, and not like a phone or a little more than that. No seriously, he used the crap out of that phone and it had no issues whatsoever. I mean who posts resumes and applies to around a 100 job application using his phone?! Well, based on his user experience, I decided to go for the Note 4, since I had to get a new phone. My phone service provider (Sprint) sucked big time and had proved to be a joke. Any of you readers plan on going with sprint – DON’T !

So it was the Note 4 or the iPhone 6 plus… well, with the iPhones bending doggy-style everywhere, I thought of going with the more “conservative” and “discreet” phone, and thus bought myself the Note 4 – at the outright price for $805 otd. Very happy, very ecstatic and flying in air with joy on that day I was… oh yes sir!

Bubble Burst # 1:

After using it so very cautiously for 3 weeks and treating it like a first-born child, the phone started acting weird. Apps would open randomly by themselves, esp. the gallery app. Just super random.

Went to the store I got the phone from and the guy ran the “diagnostics” on the device (to be honest, i really don’t think that software does anything… it’s just a make-believe like the Open Door switch in the elevator), and as expected – nothing showed up! “So yeah, we’re sorry, but nothing showed up in the test.” “Please try factory restoring the phone and see if that fixes it?!”

Yeah, thank you very much for nothing! Won’t lie but I’m not sure if that was a “fix” or if my phone just forgot how to malfunction after that, becuz that problem didn’t show up after.

Bubble Burst # 2:

So 2 days ago, I remove the S-Pen to scribe, scribble, draw & paint on the phone. There is a part of the screen that the s-pen wouldn’t write on! Yes, I can use my finger and it works, but the Action Memo and on any other app (Papyrus, ArtRage) I can’t mark using the s-pen in this one area/patch that’s the size of a US quarter! WTF?!?! Yeah, it’s like 2am and I was tired and kinda sleepy, but after this – I’m wide awake!

Nothing I did changed it… so I went ahead and tried the following before deciding to go to the store in the morning again ~

  1. Factory reset
  2. Changing the tip of the s-pen itself
  3. Deleting any apps that I might have downloaded that would’ve been restricting (not that I know why)
  4. Switching Off & On multiple times and opening it in Safe Mode

I was exhausted and quite honestly, I thought that nothing will change no matter what I did. So I decided to go to sleep, hoping that when I wake up, this will all be just a nightmare!

Woke up and the issue was still there. I called T-Mobile and explained to them what was going on, and they said they couldn’t help me with anything, even though they sold me a freakin’ lemon! They wouldn’t exchange or take back the device and refund me back. The guy at the store suggested that I contact Samsung since it was still under warranty period.

Experiencing Samsung’s outstanding Customer Service

Call # 1

After a lengthy promotional speech advertising the amazing products by Samsung and the unmistakeable customer support the company provides, I finally got a real human speak… and after describing him the situation at hand, I demanded that my phone was defective and it be replaced by a new one. The guy tells me “No sir, we can’t do that! We can only give you a refurbished one.” … straight away without a pause. I reminded him that I purchased the phone brand new and I was entitled to it.

He suggested that I might not have to send it in if I followed his instructions, and if the issue resolved. Made me clear the touchwiz memory and restart the phone after taking out the battery. Must admit, the problem did solve…

… but after just an hour, the same problem came up!

Call # 2

This time around, there was another guy (as always is, ya know what I mean…?) and he suggested I switch off the phone and turn it back on in Safe Mode. I had to disconnect the call as I was using my phone to reach out. Did what he said but it was not a fix.

Tried calling him back but …..

Call # 3

Waited for 20 mins before anyone could answer the phone – no one did. Gave up!

Call # 4

Called again after 5 mins…. waited another 10 mins before someone answered. Asked him to direct to the Galaxy Note 4 dept….

Was put on hold for 15 mins! Things looking real bad by now…

Call # 5

Finally got someone and made her say the words “Samsung Cust. Care is BullShit!”, before having her direct me to the Note 4 dept. …. and yes, someone answered, and was again put on hold for 18 min. (I was counting..).

So there you are my friends, this is how companies act when they become all popular and don’t give a shit!!


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So I bit the bullet and got myself the Oly E-M1. I was dead set on getting the Sony A7 but after reading a post and discussing it with a fellow WordPress blogger and mirrorless user Rey, I changed my mind and got the E-M1, instead of the A7. A choice that I am happy that I made. Less expensive and way more bang for the buck for sure!

Sure, when I did get the package (I got the body with 12-40 f/2.8 pro lens kit), I was dumbfounded for a couple of days. The menus, the little tweaks and such – made me cry! I don’t know, the last time I owned a DSLR was way back in 2009. Since selling my Nikon D200 I was using the Ricoh GX200, that got stolen in 2012 and I later on got the Ricoh GR. The E-M1 is a totally different story altogether.

Anyhow, after some use, swearing and asking for help online, I did get my hands “used” to the E-M1 (still lot to learn though), and yes, the photos are simply mind-blowing.

Wanted to share some photos I took with it and especially since I haven’t posted anything here on my blog for a long time, I thought I would post some pics 🙂

… and yeah, I am IN LOVE with the Oly’s b/w grain!! Just incredible… did we just go back to film?! lol

Please leave a comment – if you like ’em! 😉








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Humans are a virus

True as Hell… Lol

All That I Love

“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.” Agent Smith, Matrix, 1999.

In this Earth Day I was picking up pieces of themes to make a post, so I remembered this anthological quote from Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving…

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Warming Up To The Ricoh GR

Warming Up To The Ricoh GR

Been a very long time since I posted anything in here, I know. Truth of the matter is, I’ve been lazy (wont deny), and didn’t know what to really post here. Didn’t take any really amazing shots or such and there have been major changes in life – for the better. I was troubled more with less photographic aspects of life.

One of the 2 major things that happened with me in 2014 is that I got a new camera – Ricoh GR. I was crying my heart out after losing my lovely and amazing little Ricoh GX200 (got stolen) that I just couldn’t help but stop taking pics.

It’s funny that there has been so many point & shoot sized cameras coming out that it’s almost impossible to decide which one you should buy. It’s like there will always be some sort of serious compromise with any system or camera model. It can be a good thing too, if you are very defined about your shooting habits and what you shoot. Otherwise, cramping everything into ONE system/camera is impossible!

Back in 2010 or so, when I was debating to buy the GX200, I had my eyes on the GRD III and I went with the GX200 (never regretting). So, when I lost my GX200 and the GR came out with an APS-C sized sensor, it was a no-brainer! I had to get it especially since I wanted to really try street shooting and yes, these Ricoh were a legacy with street shooting. And thus, I went for it.

It’s been a total different experience with the GR than it was with the GX200. Don’t ask me why, because I haven’t a clue! I just LOVED the super intuitive menu on the GX200 and I did expect the same with the GR. The GR menu I feel, is a bit more complex and deep-rooted than the GX200 was. Perhaps, it will take time to fully comprehend and grasp the camera.

I wanted to share a few pics that I did take and it would be nice if my readers left some feed back about the shots and their experience with their Ricoh GR … 🙂

Little Eden_1 Little Eden_2 Love Forever What's There? Popsicle World Hippie Ride_1 Hippie Ride_2

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Android / iPhone & ART : What’s Your Take?!

People for a long time consumed themselves with the DSLR’s, the amphibious mirrorless world, moving on if possible to digital medium format backs, have started to find themselves settling with their cellphone images, for sharing purposes for starters. Creating in no way any less artistic photographs than they would, if they had used anything else. The most significant detail in this trend was that, these “photographers” were not professionals or in many cases photographers at all. They were the happy-go-lucky snappers that found their artistic vision aided, nevertheless, by photo-apps.

It was a definitely a collective effort and a mass creation of sorts, that made an impact in the artistic world, so much so that even cellphone manufacturers took note, and the megapixel war that had somewhat died in the camera world, now trickled down to your regular cellphones.

If someone said today that a photograph from a cellphone isn’t valid, original or praise-worthy, he would get looks he never would expect. The craze of shoving more and more technology into that little palm sized device holds no boundaries, and with every new and more, comes the want and expectation, not need, for more!

I remember, back in the days when phones were “phones” and not an tech-toolkit. The addition of a camera in a phone was popularized by Nokia with their early GSM models (can’t remember the exact model that really made the “camera” feature popular). Well, that was then and this is now – 41MP camera, HD display, no-need-to-touch control, voice over command, GPS… frankly a mini computer, if not more, in your palm. The mere sight of a photo appearing on the “colored” screen got everyone excited back then, and it’s no different now. People just grew to expect and want more and more – that is all.


The purpose of my post is not just to evaluate the growth of technology, I wanted to vent out my frustration about the 2 platforms that have pretty much monopolized the phone market (sorry Windows, you ain’t there yet :P) when it comes to photo-apps.

One might think it is the hardware that would make the most impact and not the app/software when it came to creating a strong photograph. I started with Android with the HTC Droid. Thought it had a big lens element, would def. capture better pics. Through the time, cameras and phones got way better and many apps added, some really good ones and some just to fill the void!

It was only recently that I really got interested in “mobile photography” and started giving it a serious look, esp. since upgraded my phone to the LG Optimus G with 13 MP. The choices of apps in the Android market were many now, but still the ones that were worth keeping and trying were the same old ones. Sadly, the best photo app in the Android market was PicPlz. Alas, that got taken down in 2012. The apps that got people all crazy into taking more pics were and still are with Apple, and only very recently a couple of them made it to the Android market. Instagram for a long time was Apple only, Hipstamatic was and still is with Apple, Vignette has recently shown some presence in Google Play. Android did it’s part, in a feeble and slow pace to overcome the lack of those particular apps, but we all know it didn’t cut it – by a long shot!

So, coming back to the main issue at hand, is it better off to bow down to Apple’s Al-Mighty app power and make-do with the hardware it provides OR buy a powerful hardware (it is important to mention here that Windows based phones are proving to be mighty contenders with the new line of Nokia phones released) and do as much as possible with whatever (app) is at hand?!


It has been a very frustrating exercise deciding where to spill the cash for the next 2 yrs iPhone or Android… let alone the choice between service providers. iPhone had the apps & Android had the camera.

Laying in bed, dreaming of a phone that was a love-child of Android and Apple, a possible solution came to mind. Capture with the best hardware (aka an android phone) and manipulate it in iPad. Now, this might not seem like an on-the-go method, but it sure seems the only way now, and probably for some time.

Shoot with any phone and download it on your iPad and edit there using Apple only apps. Almost all the apps o Google Play are there on the iTunes.

I haven’t as yet tried this out, since I don’t have an iPad lol.. but I would be very interested in what you guys think! Come to think of it, it would be a good exercise to see how shots taken with regular cameras look and if these apps can handle files of that size.


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My 1st “Official” Book Puchase


So, after quite a while I finally gave in and bought myself a “photo book”. I have bought photo-magazines mostly (or all of the time) and any photo “book” that I do have, has had a questionable acquiring to say the least.

The reason why I never bought a photo-book is mainly due to the fact that I didn’t see any “reference” value in it… once you finished the book, it was over! Now I am not talking about books that ARE meant for going back and referring to them till u get the trick a 100%. Example of that would be Joe McNally’s Hot Shoe Diaries. Magazines on the other hand, tend to have the “look again, see again, feel again” effect. One might want to look at the pic he/she sees in a magazine once more at a later time just ‘cuz it’s – good to look at !

I have always been very interested in X-Games and more so photographing it. However, with a lot of things in life, they never happen and so I have (as yet) not experienced it. Will I? I certainly plan and hope so!

I came across some shots of Mike Blabac while checking out videos on YouTube and saw someone doing a review of his book. Gorgeous pics, Splendid design, Hardcover, Lot of pages – just had to have it! The book is definitely a collector’s must esp. if he/she is into skateboarding and the like.

I will take snaps of all the photo-books I have as soon as I get my room organized… which apparently is a 2-day ordeal! 😀

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Salad – O – Shrimp


Was so bored in the evening today that I decided to cook! I do cook but once in a purple moon!!

I wanted to make some shrimps and decided on combining it with leftover salad. I fried the shrimps with veg. oil, freshly squeezed orange juice, orange zest and soy sauce… sprinkled some black pepper while they fried in the pan.

After about 10-15 mins. the shrimps were ready and just laid them on the salad – all ready to eat!

Didn’t expect it to turn out so well… the orange juice and the soy sauce did do the trick. The salad was itself marinated with lemon juice and black pepper.

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An Encounter With Film – Once Again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It had been a VERY long time since I picked up my film camera… and to be honest, it happened because I don’t have a DSLR anymore and to top it off – my digital point-n-shoot got stolen from the car as well.

There was a model-photographer meetup that I wanted to attend, but not having a DSLR was disappointing esp. because I knew I wouldn’t be able to give away the “files” anytime soon. Nevertheless, I head out and bought  rolls of film – Kodak Ektar 100 and Ilford Delta 3200.

I wanted to see if I still “had it in me” … if I could still shoot film – and mind you, I NEVER have used a light-meter. I always have taken educated guess and metered it using my eye. Never has failed!!

I didn’t take lot of shots of Hayley at the meetup but these two were my favorites. Taken with the Ilford 3200 b/w. I did crop it in LR and did do a little bit of touch-up, but not to much.

The colored shots are from the Kodak. The Cat tails and the leaves with the sun peeking… both hand held and I must admit I am proud of myself that I pulled it off without any trouble.

In both the shots with Kodak I used the 50mm f/1.2 Ai-S lens. Whereas with Hayley, I used the 50mm and also 35~135mm f/3.5~4.5 Ai-S lens.

There was the added cost of developing and scanning of the 2 film rolls, it took a whole month before I sent them to the lab! This is something that really annoyed me. I don’t know if it was the cost issue or what… but film does hold you back!

One thing that definitely annoyed me was that I couldn’t change from color to b/w and vice-versa! I had to complete the roll or kill it if I really wanted to shoot in a different mode or film. So different an experience from using digital. But then again, it’s a whole other experience to begin with – Slow and Easy !!


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Leaves On Fire

Taken with my LG Optimus G (13mp) phone.

Taken with my LG Optimus G (13mp) phone.


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Everyone has a prized collection that he for some reason cherishes like no other thing they possess. It can be a lifetime achievement trophy or a handful of sand from their homeland. At times it is just Faith that people have of what is utmost value to them and nothing of worldly possessions.

Fact of matter is, it’s actually never the price that determines the value of the object in the possession. Two things add value – it’s rarity and the sentiments attached to it. The rare and/or the more emotionally attached the person is, the more valuable it is. Rarity brings about a general value that his peers and fellow enthusiasts can appreciate. Sentiments is strictly personal for the owner.

I too have in my possession such an object, and it is both – rare and has personal emotions attached to it. It’s my Minolta Mirror magazine collection dating from 1976 ~ 1993 in mint condition. I have all the editions that Minolta printed except for the 1975. (If there’s anyone out there who has it, please let me know)

Looking at the photographs in these magazines that were all done on film, it gives a sense and a measure as to how much crappy shots are being taken with the advent of digital. I started with film back in ’88 and I still remember thinking twice, thrice… sometimes four times before pressing that shutter. When not shooting, I just held the camera to my eye and tried to see things through the viewfinder. It was like training my eye to see how the camera would see. To pre-visualize a scene and see how it might look if I actually shot it.

The richness of Kodachromes and Fujichromes among other films that photographers swear upon, can all be seen and appreciated through the beautifully printed photographs featured in the magazine. As someone said in a forum regarding the quality of print and paper of Minolta Mirror “It would cost a fortune to print such a magazine if someone were to attempt it now”. The only magazine that has “dared” to print with such quality has been LensWork. 

I for one, am very happy and grateful, that I’ve had the good fortune of owning such a collection. Ironically, it makes me really sad and breaks my heart when I am reminded that film is no longer a viable option in these fast-paced times. The discontinuation of a giant company like Kodak speaks volumes and is a sure tell-tale sign of the future of film.

It took a lot of work to scan the front and back covers of the 18 magazines and at same time being very careful not to “hurt” my precious!! The worst part is, when I was done scanning, I stumbled upon a website where all that had been done! Can’t say how frustrated I got, but it sure was a good exercise. 🙂

There are still a few MM’s floating around on Ebay… be sure to get your copy while it’s there. You’ll be happy you did!!


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Street Fashion-O-Graphy

I was watching DWTV channel early this morning (at around and saw an interesting episode from their SHIFT series.

They showcased a trend among fashion students in Germany shooting everyday folks wearing anything interesting and fashionable. One might take it as Street-Fashion-Ography by the looks of it!

One person who is well ahead in the game has his website called FASHIONAIRE and his Blog is worth a visit as well. He even sells new and “cool” merchandise and apparels through his website.

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Experience With The Olympus Mju-II

So finally after buying the Olympus µ-II from Ebay and running two rolls of (unknown) B/W film through it… I finally got the developed film back, scanned on the CD.

I must say, I am a little disheartened by the results; but maybe I shouldn’t be, considering it took me quite an effort getting accustomed to the “parallax”, and then there’s this film I never used and it stood on the table for a while before I sent it out for developing.

Out of 2 rolls of film, I could salvage 4-6 “decent” pictures that I can show around… definitely feeling a really big blow on self-esteem!! 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what ya’ll think ?!



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Colors Of The Canyon

A snappy from my visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Oh! I so wished I at least had a medium format. Instead, I was armed with my Ricoh GX200.

Tried to make the most of the shot in LightRoom. Hope you guys like it. 🙂


Posted by on April 5, 2012 in Ricoh GX200, Travel Journal


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