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Muddy Woods

So this is one of the pictures I took while on my epic road trip from Birmingham, AL to San Jose, CA.

It was definitely a surprising experience, because all this time I thought that I needed an RV or at least a real big car to do something like this. However, my dad and I crossed the great USA in my small compact KIA Rio… without a glitch! Really impressed with the damn dinky! πŸ™‚

The fun part was that I was getting a chance to work my Olympus E-M1 to the full (ok maybe not all the way but a lot πŸ˜› lol). Just had one lens, the 12-40mm pro. Yeah, it’s much simpler having only one lens to deal with I guess? πŸ™‚

Anyways, enjoy the shot & I hope you like it and do leave a comment! Many more to come… πŸ˜‰

Muddy Woods

Edited with LightRoom 5 + SilverFX Pro 2

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So I bit the bullet and got myself the Oly E-M1. I was dead set on getting the Sony A7 but after reading a post and discussing it with a fellow WordPress blogger and mirrorless user Rey, I changed my mind and got the E-M1, instead of the A7. A choice that I am happy that I made. Less expensive and way more bang for the buck for sure!

Sure, when I did get the package (I got the body with 12-40 f/2.8 pro lens kit), I was dumbfounded for a couple of days. The menus, the little tweaks and such – made me cry! I don’t know, the last time I owned a DSLR was way back in 2009. Since selling my Nikon D200 I was using the Ricoh GX200, that got stolen in 2012 and I later on got the Ricoh GR. The E-M1 is a totally different story altogether.

Anyhow, after some use, swearing and asking for help online, I did get my hands “used” to the E-M1 (still lot to learn though), and yes, the photos are simply mind-blowing.

Wanted to share some photos I took with it and especially since I haven’t posted anything here on my blog for a long time, I thought I would post some pics πŸ™‚

… and yeah, I am IN LOVE with the Oly’s b/w grain!! Just incredible… did we just go back to film?! lol

Please leave a comment – if you like ’em! πŸ˜‰








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Colors Of The Canyon

A snappy from my visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Oh! I so wished I at least had a medium format. Instead, I was armed with my Ricoh GX200.

Tried to make the most of the shot in LightRoom. Hope you guys like it. πŸ™‚


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Shots From The Passenger Side

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Shot with my HTC Incredible from the passenger side window. Came out pretty neat I’d say… Wouldn’t you?! πŸ™‚


Blonde Grass

Blonde Grass by greenvelvet

Took this shot with my HTC Incredible phone … edited in LightRoom 2


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A Visit To Tahoe


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It was a very longed for trip that I took with my parents to Lake Tahoe recently. I had been wanting to go and see Lake Tahoe in Nevada, USA for a very long time. The beauty and grandeur the place had earned had always beckoned me for a visit.

Unfortunately, however, I was without any “decent” camera that I could take along and shoot to my heart content. All I had was my Ricoh GX200 that I could use. The whole plan to go to Lake Tahoe was so sudden that I didn’t even get time to rent a camera. Life is so ironic I thought to myself, that all these years of waiting and wishing to visit the place and I being a photographer, didn’t have a camera to myself!

Well, so be it I thought, of course with a lot of anger and regret to say the least. I consoled myself by saying that this wasn’t going to be the ONLY visit I could or would make and there will be more visits.

So with whatever I had, I took these snaps and yes my Ricoh did make me happy as much as it could… I hope that you will enjoy the shots as much as I do !!


* You can see the images bigger on my Flickr! page… My Flickr! *


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China Town

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So I was in San Francisco the other day… particularly in China Town. Took some snaps, although didn’t have a Hasselblad or D3 or 1Ds Mk II, but I did have my Ricoh GX200… I’d say it served me well – wouldn’t you?!


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