Warming Up To The Ricoh GR

15 Apr
Warming Up To The Ricoh GR

Been a very long time since I posted anything in here, I know. Truth of the matter is, I’ve been lazy (wont deny), and didn’t know what to really post here. Didn’t take any really amazing shots or such and there have been major changes in life – for the better. I was troubled more with less photographic aspects of life.

One of the 2 major things that happened with me in 2014 is that I got a new camera – Ricoh GR. I was crying my heart out after losing my lovely and amazing little Ricoh GX200 (got stolen) that I just couldn’t help but stop taking pics.

It’s funny that there has been so many point & shoot sized cameras coming out that it’s almost impossible to decide which one you should buy. It’s like there will always be some sort of serious compromise with any system or camera model. It can be a good thing too, if you are very defined about your shooting habits and what you shoot. Otherwise, cramping everything into ONE system/camera is impossible!

Back in 2010 or so, when I was debating to buy the GX200, I had my eyes on the GRD III and I went with the GX200 (never regretting). So, when I lost my GX200 and the GR came out with an APS-C sized sensor, it was a no-brainer! I had to get it especially since I wanted to really try street shooting and yes, these Ricoh were a legacy with street shooting. And thus, I went for it.

It’s been a total different experience with the GR than it was with the GX200. Don’t ask me why, because I haven’t a clue! I just LOVED the super intuitive menu on the GX200 and I did expect the same with the GR. The GR menu I feel, is a bit more complex and deep-rooted than the GX200 was. Perhaps, it will take time to fully comprehend and grasp the camera.

I wanted to share a few pics that I did take and it would be nice if my readers left some feed back about the shots and their experience with their Ricoh GR … 🙂

Little Eden_1 Little Eden_2 Love Forever What's There? Popsicle World Hippie Ride_1 Hippie Ride_2

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