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Model Shoot … After a good 5 years!

It’s seems like a very long time since I used to work with models (or wanna-be models, if you will), and did it all too much, that it got boring and meaningless. So, I stopped, sold my camera equipment, and just recently I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of models while assisting a photographer friend.

I will be posting and sharing the final pics as I finish editing them. The E-M1 handled like a dream and I don’t know, I shouldn’t ask for more, but I did feel pixel envy watching my photographer friend use his D810 and 645Z .. πŸ˜› lol

Anyway, more on that later, maybe a different post… enjoy the pics!

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The New Outdoors… A Pleasant Surprise!

So recently I went to an unknown place with another photographer for an engagement shoot… A secret place he agreed to disclose! What a lovely place it sure was – Pescadero, California.

Took a few shots in the middle of assisting my photog. friend. Definitely will be going back there to spend some time alone and shoot more.

Hope you guys like the photos… πŸ™‚

The Crocodile Man

Stepping Stone

Sunlight Leaves

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Black On White

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Waiting for my ride to come and get me from the station, I thought why not and snap away the boredom!!

Tried out the very seldom used scene on my Ricoh GX200, the Text Mode… never did figure it out till now! I don’t know, but I kinda liked these. Straight out of the camera, just cropped it in LightRoom 2.0

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Street Shot of an Unusual Kind

Shot this from the hip… came out pretty nicely I think! πŸ™‚

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Totally Blue

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To see the photos in full grandeur… check this “link




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The Road On Fire

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I am working on a project called “Road On Fire” It’s about abstract and surrealism, a play of light and darkness. where colors rule and set the mood of the viewer.

Shooting with my trusty Ricoh GX200 I am finding this really amusing and interesting how these patterns and “images” form. I hope you enjoy!

More to come.. hope you keep coming back!!

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China Town

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So I was in San Francisco the other day… particularly in China Town. Took some snaps, although didn’t have a Hasselblad or D3 or 1Ds Mk II, but I did have my Ricoh GX200… I’d say it served me well – wouldn’t you?!


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