My 1st “Official” Book Puchase

23 Mar


So, after quite a while I finally gave in and bought myself a “photo book”. I have bought photo-magazines mostly (or all of the time) and any photo “book” that I do have, has had a questionable acquiring to say the least.

The reason why I never bought a photo-book is mainly due to the fact that I didn’t see any “reference” value in it… once you finished the book, it was over! Now I am not talking about books that ARE meant for going back and referring to them till u get the trick a 100%. Example of that would be Joe McNally’s Hot Shoe Diaries. Magazines on the other hand, tend to have the “look again, see again, feel again” effect. One might want to look at the pic he/she sees in a magazine once more at a later time just ‘cuz it’s – good to look at !

I have always been very interested in X-Games and more so photographing it. However, with a lot of things in life, they never happen and so I have (as yet) not experienced it. Will I? I certainly plan and hope so!

I came across some shots of Mike Blabac while checking out videos on YouTube and saw someone doing a review of his book. Gorgeous pics, Splendid design, Hardcover, Lot of pages – just had to have it! The book is definitely a collector’s must esp. if he/she is into skateboarding and the like.

I will take snaps of all the photo-books I have as soon as I get my room organized… which apparently is a 2-day ordeal! 😀

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