Back Home in India

11 Aug

So this is my first post on my photoblog, and I wanted to share some of the pictures I took while on my last trip to India, which was after 4 yrs.

It was a very short one, considering the fact that we as a family travel and visit our relatives more than often. We went on the 2nd of July and came back on the 29th. There was an other “trip” that I had planed before going to India with my cousins. We planned on a road trip to Masoorie and Dehra Dun, thats north India. It was quite an adventure and we all had great fun. Especially me, since I got to take some amazing shots.

While there in India, I also shot my village from where I come from and places around it. It was definitely a very deja vu experience, visiting places and people that you love and have been longing to for 4 years.

Place near my village – Bilaspur, U.P

Step farming in Masoorie Hills, India

Shower time at Kent Falls, Masoorie

The Gang – all but me 😦

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