Between FILM & DIGITAL Camera

26 Jul

It’s been a struggle between photographers and critics alike as to which is a better “medium” – film or digital. As digital camera technology grew and became more and more convincing, the photographers also lend it a hand and gave it a shot. Critics, however, took the safe side and voted for film. This “war” between the two has lasted for almost 8 years now, and I can very safely say that digital sensors have made their mark, if not making film obsolete – yet!

I too stood back and watched back in the days when either fate of film and digital was in question and decided. However, I did take the plunge and bought myself, first a digital point & shoot, and later in 2006 the Nikon D200. Was most happy and satisfied I might say… but the quench for the “ultimate” never left. Always greedy for newer gadgets, always keeping an eye for the newer body that would come out and dreaming about it even though not having the means to afford one. I found this surprisingly common among photographers – professionals and amateurs alike, to lust over newer bodies and always so very eager to find fault or reason to buy the next thing that hit the shelves. As I would like to believe, this was not the case in the old days of film. One bought a camera and stuck to it for at least a few years before he/she went on to something new. The purchase of newer lenses then was the thing back then, not camera bodies. It was buying a “system” and not just “features”… you went for Canon or Nikon or Minolta .. and built that “system” with it’s lenses and accessories. Now, it’s all about getting newer bodies and doing away with the “old” one.

I believe one of the biggest factors for this change of attitude is the amount of advertising and publicity the product receives, sometimes even before anyone has even seen the product eg. in the case of Nikon D4?! Its been just over a year the D3s came out and everyone want something new already.

I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the “joy of capturing a moment” has deteriorated to “recording a scene”. Shooters shoot just about anything, no limits, no fixed number of frames, no thought process involved – just pressing that shutter!


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