Out goes the D200 and Ricoh GX200 is In

29 Oct

I sold my Nikon D200 with the vertical grip, MC-10 remote cord, 18~70mm f/3.5~4.5 kit lens for $700. The body was intact but the glue holding the rubber was wearing out and so the rubber was coming off esp. at the ends. The sensor was also very dirty. Didn’t clean it all this time even once since I got the camera (that being in March 2006). I was hoping and wishing I get somewhere around $1000 with all that, but landed up with only $700. True, I tried to rush the sale… but who’s buying a D200 now anyways?! I wouldn’t !!

So, for $700, I got the Ricoh GX 200 with the VF-1 + extra batt. + acc. lens cover… all for $590 from Amazon. I think that the best camera is the one you have with you! The D200 more than often sat there in the house unless I took it out for a particular shoot or something. I experienced slide film and to be honest, I am in love with photography once again! It’s just amazing. I guess I’ll use my F3 to shoot film, and GX 200 for snaps. I definitely plan on getting me a DSLR sometime (soon I hope). I want to go for the D700 (or the upgrade of it if there is at the time).

Personally, I think it’s a win-win situation with some compromise. Funny thing, I am still with “200” !! lol…

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